We help navigate the various types of funding programs with stunning success

Business and Industries

For businesses looking to create new products or enter new markets, our team provides a unique strategy, with a focus on the triple bottom line., 


 Auxilium Development Group (ADG), is dedicated to empowering rural communities and entrepreneurs through partnerships with the lending community. We help package alternative financing tools for capital projects and business expansion when traditional bank loans alone will not work.

We use these tools to finance capital projects of new or existing building costs, equipment purchases, and permanent working capital needs to move your expansion project forward.

We have experience with tools such as SBA and USDA B&I Loans, local revolving loan programs, historic tax credits, microloans, community facility grants, workforce training funds, and more.


Why Work With US?

The Auxilium Development Group (ADG) is a privately held group of for-profit and non-profit corporations dedicated to improving the quality of life of people in rural and underserved communities across America. 

ADG and its affiliate partners empower communities and entrepreneurs by providing access to capital businesses through its capital availability programs and advocating for entrepreneurs through educational and technological assistance.

Non- Traditional Financing

Who We Are

AUXILIUMDevelopment Group

Empowering Economic Growth in Rural South Carolina

Small Business 

We serve as both a catalyst and consultant to companies looking to add jobs, make investments. 



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Community Development

We work with community stakeholders to take advantage of emerging or existing opportunities